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Friday, June 11, 2010

Clues To Fundamentals Next Week, FDX & PX Charts

- The overall market is trading within a range, SPY level 105-110. Volatility is still very high, but has been slowly coming in since beginning of May. FedEx Corp. (FDX) Q4 earnings announcement is scheduled June 16, and what they say may give some clues to the overall strength of the global economy...and perhaps future market direction.
- Praxair Inc. (PX) is an industrial gas supplier that serves about 25 industries globally. Sales during 1Q 2010 within Europe comprised just 13.9% and marginal growth comes from Asia and South America. The CEO is scheduled to discuss Praxair's growth strategy and business outlook during William Blair's 30th Annual Growth Stock Conference on June 15. I would be very interested to hear what he says, given global economic uncertainty and currency fluctuations, and to see how the stock price reacts.
-Perhaps the news will have little affect on the stock price, but I am looking at PX because my analysis (in this case timing) tools alerted me to PX as a stock that has potential to move in the near future. PX is not a stock that hedge funds play with. It is held by long-term focused funds, and I do not believe they are exiting. The price range between $74-$79 has shown the greatest volume, but if PX stock price starts to fall below, it would likely be due to selling by these long-term investors.
-I believe the explosive rise and decline in the market since February has been due to short-term, hot money chasing quick returns. What happens going forward the next several weeks will be determined by more longer-term focused money. If PX stock goes up, that would be a positive sign for the overall market.

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