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Monday, July 26, 2010

Starwood Hotels (HOT) Options Strategy, Bullish Butterfly

-Recommendation, buy AUG 48/50/52.5 1x2x1 butterfly call spread- buy 1x Aug48 calls $2.2, Sell 2x Aug 50 calls for $1.1 and buy Aug 52.5 calls for $0.40- net purchase $0.4. Maximum loss is $0.95 for each spread if stock goes to $52.5 or above by August Expiration or $0.45 loss if stock falls below $48. Current stock price is $48.50.
-Starwood Hotels announced strong earnings last Thursday, raising their 2010 earnings outlook. They are benefitting from strong growth in Asia and Latin America. While concerns remain on overall health of the U.S. and European economies, investors are putting less likelihood of a significant global economic slowdown, and have been buying stocks levered to international growth again. In this market environment, I would expect HOT to rise steadily to around $50 in the next few weeks.

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